Book Launch 2 May 2009, PJ Hilton, Readings on Women and Development in Malaysia
Book Launch 2 May 2009, 10am at PJ Hilton, Petaling Jaya of Readings on Women and Development in Malaysia : a Sequel : Tracing Four Decades of Change. A project imitated and coordinated by Jamilah Ariffin. Kuala Lumpur: MPH, 2009. RM100.00

This book is the end product of an academic project initiated by Professor Jamilah Ariffin. It contains sixteen research essays by specialists in various fields of Women and Development.

These papers, utilizing a common longitudinal methodology of analyzing time-series data which span four decades (1970s to the present time), cover a wide range of topics, ranging from womens position in the Economy, in the Law, in Education, in Migration and in Voluntary Associations. Analyses based on long-term wide-ranging national data also provide understanding of womens demographic status in Marriage and Fertility. An in-depth assessment of rural womens position in the changing Agricultural sector completes the picture.

As a sequel to an earlier publication in 1994 with the same title, it is, indeed a masterful, scholarly and useful book and therefore a recommended text for all students, policymakers, practitioners and in fact all enthusiasts of Women and Development matters.

Posted on: Thu, 30 April 2009

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