APFAM Malaysia's areas of interest are:
  1. Urbanisation and Migration to the cities:
    • problems and needs of youth's migrating to cities on their own
    • the needs of the new industrial class in the cities
    • the needs of families migrating to the cities
    • dual-income couples in full-time work
    • problems of the elderly in out-migration areas

  2. Parenting in a rapidly changing world:
    • single-parents and single-mothers
    • absentee parents
    • split families (one parent in different country)
    • people marrying later, lower fertility rates, fewer children
    • stigma of divorce

  3. Rights of children:
    • child abuse and prostitution, children's right and children regarded as property by their parents
    • development of socially acceptable parenting-skills for parents of problem families

  4. Rights of Women:
    • violence as a response
    • violence within the home
    • marital rape
    • changing role of women in the home
    • role of education, especially for women
    • the feminisation of poverty

  5. The Youth:
    • pressures of education and the rapidly changing environment
    • sexuality and sex education
    • the need for the development of analytical skills for young people in the K-Economy Age
    • implications of the new information technology for the young
    • confusion of the young in family conflict

  6. Commitment to economic and social development:
    • role of business and government in building a civil society
    • family development as a key to national development
    • viable family businesses and economic development
    • alleviation of poverty

  7. Strengthening families:
    • difference between the official definition of the family and its reality in many countries
    • danger of trying to enforce ideology /moral positions and creating 1st and 2nd class citizens

  8. Strengthening the family as the key to children's development and welfare

  9. Role of family services in support for the problem family

  10. Prevention of drug and substance abuse in the family and society

  11. Needs of indigenous aboriginal peoples

  12. The modern family and needs of elderly people

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