Introducing I-Resolve Foundation

Please be informed of the establishment of a new social welfare foundation in Malaysia that I am spearheading which is the I-Resolve Foundation.

This foundation has been founded in 2013 with a commitment to advance social welfare and economic research in Malaysia. As its driving visionary and founder, I aspire to contribute towards efforts at all levels of scale- grass-roots, national and international, that aim to improve the living outcomes of the disadvantaged and often socially excluded segments of populations. The priority groups we intend to help are those poor single mothers and their children, poor indigenous groups and the mentally handicapped.

I-RESOLVE is the acronym for International Research Institute for Economic Progress and Social Well-being.

Some ambitions of this foundation include:

  • to conduct internationally acclaimed research that will serve as tools for the developmental planning by the Malaysian government,
  • to forge partnerships with other similarly aligned foundations and organization within Malaysia and other renowned research institutes in other countries of the world,
  • to implement social welfare projects and activities that directly uplift needful communities,
  • to enable capacity building and transfer of skills required to progress social welfare knowledge and expertise in Malaysia

The inaugural project for I-Resolve Foundation, was a book published in June 2014 that compiles my study findings and reflections on possible contradictions of Economic Development. In this regard, I observed the plight of one of Malaysia’s indigenous populations, the Orang Seletar or the sea-gypsies of Johor who are trying to survive within “Iskander Malaysia” a booming economic zone in Johor Malaysia.

I am working to plan and execute projects that are aligned to the objectives of this foundation. I would like to take this opportunity to invite your support and collaboration through any means you feel inclined i.e. research or donations. I do invite you to email me any information on relevant research institutes and NGO which we can collaborate with so as to promote the progress of I-RESOLVE. Partnerships and engagements with such talented and good willed colleagues such as yourself will be immensely constructive for reaching out to those who needs it the most.

For more information on I-Resolve Foundation or to communicate NGO contacts, please email me at iresolvefoundation@gmail.com. Please also call my assistant Mr Jeremy at +603 2602 3955 or +6 0162150160

With warmest regards and best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Puan Sri Datin Paduka Dr. Jamilah Ariffin
Founder Chairperson of I-Resolve Foundation Malaysia

A-0-3, Sri Bukit Tunku Condominium
Lorong Tun Ismail 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Email: iresolvefoundation@gmail.com
Phone: +603 2602 3955
Fax: +603 2602 3977  
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