Facing UpTo Global Challenges Building Resilient Families and Caring Communities in a Troubled World
Date: 23-26 June 2003
Place: Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is the fourth APFAM Conference focusing on critical issues relating to the FAMILY. Jointly organised by The Family Development Foundation of Johor, The Society for Asia Pacific Forum on Families (APFAM) Malaysia, APFAM International, Institute Sultan Iskandar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and School of Social Work & Social Policy of La Trobe University, it will be held from 23-26 June 2003 at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Prominent social welfare thinkers, academicians and practitioners from the Asia Pacific region are expected to attend this conference.

The Conference is aimed at providing a better understanding of the issues and challenges that society and family institutions must face in a turbulent world, characterized by increasing organized violence and racial as well as religious polarization. It aims to:

1) bring attention to the need to develop a truly civil society and caring community 2) deliberate on ways to develop an enabling environment for community bonding and bridging 3) give an opportunity to government and non-government agencies (which are involved in providing services for the family) to get together to deliberate on these issues and propose measures and programmes for concerted action 4) foster an exchange of learning across cultures, share professional practices, and expand professional development and training opportunities for mutual benefit; 5) encourage international interest and co-operation in the specific family and relationship needs of the Asia-Pacific Region;

These deliberations will provide feedback and suggestions to government and NGOs on how to update and expand their family and community development programmes especially in those areas that guide families to be effective socializers and care givers. It will also identify crucial areas in which there is an urgent need for further studies and research on related topics at the local level.

The Conference Opening Ceremony will be held at 8.30pm on Monday, 23 June 2003, followed by a Book Launch. There will be five Plenary Sessions of invited speakers and eight Workshop Sessions.

The five Plenary Session topics are:

1. Building Resilient Families and Caring Communities in a Troubled World 2. Building a Culture of a Truly Caring Society 3. The School in Community and Family Life 4. Work, Family and Gender 5. The Role of the State in Promoting Resilient Families and Caring Communities

The eight workshop topics are as follows:

A. Building Caring Communities to Help Families B. Helping Problem Families and Communities to Become Resilient C. Encouraging Volunteerism in a Work-focused Society D. Starting Them Young: The Role of Youth in Family and Community Development E. Bringing Back the Effectiveness of the School in Community and Family Life F. The School and Community in Partnership for the Disabled and Handicapped G. State, Family Ideology and Gender Equity H. Family, Work and Community Life PROGRAMME

23rd June, 2003 (Monday)

4.30-7.00 pm Registration 7.00-8.00 pm Arrival of all Participants 8.15 pm Arrival of VIPs 8.30-9.30 pm Official Opening and Keynote Addresses by YAB Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman, Chief Minister of Johor 9.30 pm • Book Launch • Launch of APFAM Malaysia website 10.00 pm Late Refreshments

24th June, 2003 (Tuesday)

8.45–10.45 am Plenary 1:

Building Resilient Families and Caring Communities in a Troubled World

Speakers: i] Prof David Cox (Australia) Adjunct Professor of Social Work La Trobe University, Melbourne ii] Prof Jamilah Ariffin (Malaysia) Professor of Sociology of Development Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and President of APFAM International iii] Mr Steven C M Wong (Malaysia) Senior Fellow, Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS), Columnist ‘Chisel and Stone’ in the New Straits Times 10.45-11.15 am Refreshments

11.15 am–1.00 pm Workshop A & B (2 workshops running concurrently)

A. Building Caring Communities to Help Families Speakers: i] Ms Robyn Mortlock (Australia) Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences School of Social Work and Social Policy La Trobe University, Melbourne ii] Ms Gill Raja and Paul Dolly Carlos (Malaysia) Lecturer, Faculty of Social Science Universiti Malaysia Sarawak iii] Dr Denison Jayasooria (Malaysia) Social Worker and Executive Director, Social Strategic Foundation, Malaysia

B. Helping Problem Families and Communities to Become Resilient

Speakers: i] Ms Margarita Frederico & Professor Thea Brown (Australia) (Please refer to individual CV’s in Plenary 3 [i] & Plenary 4 [i]) ii] Dato Mustaffa Ma (Malaysia) Honorary Secretary, International Federation of Non-Government Organizations For The Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse iii] Ms Angela Maria Pangan (Philippines) President and CEO, NORFIL Foundation Philippines

1.00-2.00 pm Lunch

2.00–3.45 pm Plenary 2:

Building a Culture of a Truly Caring Society

Speakers: i] Mr Mohamed Hassan Khan (Fiji) NGO leader in Fiji, Executive Director, Fiji Council of Social Services Past President of APFAM International ii] Mr Stan Thekaekara (India) Community Rehabilitation NGO; Recipient of Prime Minister’s Award, India iii] Dato’ Dr Abdul Monir Yaacob (Malaysia) Chief Executive, Institute of Islamic Understanding, Malaysia iv] Person from the Media (Malaysia) 3.45–4.15 pm Tea Break

4.15–6.00 pm Workshop C & D (2 workshops running concurrently)

C. Encouraging Volunteerism in a Work Focused Society

Speakers: i] Ms Meredith Kiraly (Australia) Project Officer, Department of Human Services (Eastern Region) Melbourne ii] Dr Makmur Sunusi (Indonesia) Department of Social Affairs, Jakarta iii] Assoc Prof Ngiam Tee Liang (Singapore) Programme Chair for Social Work, Department of Social Work and Psychology National University of Singapore

D. Starting Them Young: The Role of Youth in Family and Community Development

Speakers: i] Mr Lloyd Owen (Australia) Senior Lecturer, School of Social Work And Social Policy, La Trobe University ii] Adjunct Assoc Prof Khoo Kim Choo (Spore) Social Work and Psychology Department, National University of Singapore, International Consultant to UNICEF, UNESCO iii] Dato’ Dr J Jegathesan (Malaysia) World Youth Coordinator, International Sathya Sai Service Organization, Advisor to Sathya Sai Council of Malaysia iv] Mrs Lina Bellosillo Laigo (Philippines) Executive Director, Council for the Welfare of Children, President, Family Life Institute of the Philippines; Former Minister of Department of Social Welfare

8.30pm Dinner hosted by YB Dato’ Ng Yen Yen, Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts and Tourism, Malaysia at Putrajaya

25th June, 2003 (Wednesday)

8.45–10.45 am Plenary 3 :

The School in Community and Family Life

Speakers: i] Ms Margarita Frederico (Australia) Senior Lecturer & Director of Postgraduate Programmes School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University ii] Prof Dr Chiam Heng Keng (Malaysia) Social Psychologist, Department of Psychology & Education, University of Malaya, Member of SUHAKAM iii] Prof Dato Dr Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid (Malaysia) Professor and Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Feature writer on Education ‘As I Wonder’ in the New Straits Times

10.45-11.15 am Refreshments

11.15 am-1.00 pm Workshop E & F (2 workshops running concurrently)

E. Bringing Back the Effectiveness of the School in Community and Family Life

Speakers: i] Mr David Gray (Canada) Social worker and PhD student, University of Regina, Saskatchwan, attached to Universiti Sains Malaysia ii] Mr Cliff Picton (Australia) Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne iii] Prof Dr Faridah Karim (Malaysia) Professor of Education, Faulty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

F. The School and Community in Partnership for the Disabled and Handicapped

Speakers: i] Mr Sandiyao Sebestian (Malaysia) Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling, Faculty of Education, Universiti of Malaya Executive Director, Malaysian Child Resource Institute ii] Ms Mettilda John with Ms K Bathmavathi (M’sia) Executive Director, Dignity & Services; Activist in advocacy work for rights of the disabled iii] Pn Khadijah Sulaiman (Malaysia) Honorary Secretary General, Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation, Honorary Secretary, National Council of Cheshire Homes in Malaysia

1.00 – 2.00 pm Lunch

2.00 – 3.45 pm Plenary 4 :

Work, Family and Gender

Speakers: i] Prof Thea Brown (Australia) Professor of Social Work, Monash University, Director, Family Violence & Family Law Research Program ii] Dr Shanthi Thambiah (Malaysia) Coordinator of Gender Studies Programme, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiity of Malaya iii] Prof Rahimah Abdul Aziz (Malaysia) Professor of Sociology of Development, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 3.45–4.15 pm Tea Break

4.15–6.00 pm Workshop G & H (2 workshops running concurrently)

G. State, Family Ideology and Gender Equity Speakers: i] Dr Yunus Soualhi (Algeria) Acting Head, Department of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences, International Islamic University, Malaysia ii] Ms Honey Tan (Malaysia) Volunteer in Women’s Center for Change, Penang, The Bar Council Malaysia Family Law & Gender Committees iii] Ms Margarita Frederico & Prof Thea Brown (Australia) H. Family, Work and Community Life Speakers: i] Dr Teoh Hsien Jin (Malaysia) Consultant Clinical Psychologist in private practice, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ii] Mr Lee Wee Min (Malaysia) Civil Engineer, Executive Director/Chairman of Focus On the Family, Malaysia iii] Dr Anne Bardoel and De Cieri, H (Australia) Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University, Melbourne

8.30 pm Dinner at Johor House hosted by YAB Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman, Chief Minister of Johor

26th June, 2003 (Thursday)

9.00–11.00 am

Plenary 5 :

The Role of the State in Promoting Resilient Families and Caring Communities

Speakers: i] Ms Alison McClelland (Australia) Associate Professor in Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University, Melbourne ii] Dr Teoh Hsien Jin (Malaysia) Consultant Clinical Psychologist in private practice, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia iii] Dr Khairul’Azmi Mohamad (Malaysia) Information & Research Chief, State Government of Johor

11.00-11.30 am Refreshments

11.30 am–12.30 pm Closing & Feedback Session with Closing Ceremony by YB Datin Halimah Sadique, EXCO for Family Development, Women’s Affairs & Health, State Government of Johor

12.30-2.00 pm Lunch for All Participants 2.30-3.00 pm (hotel check-out time)

3.00 pm APFAM (Malaysia) AGM

4.30 pm Refreshments for APFAM members and Farewell

Paper Abstract:

1 ABDUL Monir Yaacob, Dato’ Dr

A Master of Philosophy (Law) from the University of London and a Doctor of Philosophy from IIU, Malaysia, Dato’ Dr. Abdul Monir Bin Yaacob has over 30 years experience in and specializes in the field of Islamic Law and specifically, Islamic Law in Malaysia. His current appointments include those of Director-General of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), External Examiner (Thesis) for Ph.D & M.A in Islamic Law at the National University of Malaysia (UKM), Malaya University (UM), the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and at the University of Brunei Darusssalam and Member of The Syariah Appeal Courts of Pahang, Johor and Trengganu. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Monir, has to his credit several academic books and publications as well as papers presented at conferences and seminars at home and abroad and articles for newspapers, magazines and journals. For his achievements and contributions to the nation in his field of work, he has received the award of Darjah Indera Mahkota (DIMP) from HRH the Sultan of Pahang (DIMP and the Bintang Kesatria Mangku Negara (KMN) from HM the King of Malaysia.

2 BARDOEL, Anne, Dr

A sociologist and consultant specializing in families, Dr Bardoel is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business & Economics at Monash University where she lectures on life issues, organizational behavior and change management. Dr Bardoel has to her credit a long and impressive list of publications, conference presentations including professional presentation and academic papers. She is the President of Work Life Association in Australia and the international representative for the Alliance of Work Life Professionals (AWLP). Dr Bardoel recently completed a major study of work life issues in Australian companies. The current focus of her research is organizational strategies for work and family balance and she has published a number of articles in academic journals on this topic. She also has extensive consulting experience with a wide range of public and private sector organizations including undertaking company work-life assessments, organizational cultural audits, and benchmarking quality management programmes.

2 BROWN, Thea, Professor

Professor Thea C. Brown is a Professor of Social Work at Monash University, Australia and Director of the Family Violence and Family Law Research Program. She is a member of a new federal government committee, the Family Law Pathways Advisory Group reporting to the Prime Minister, Federal Attorney General and Minister for Family and Community Services. Her research interests are in the areas of families in the global world, family breakdowns, child abuse and other family violence. She has published in international journals such as the USA journals, Child Abuse and Neglect, Family Courts Review and the UK journal, Child Abuse Review and is coauthor of several publications under the Family Violence and Family Court Research Program of Monash University.

3 CHIAM Heng Keng, Professor

Professor Chiam is a social psychologist at the Department of Psychology and Education at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. A renowned authority on the development of children and adolescents in Malaysia, her research interests range from self-concept, adolescents’ development, problems and sexuality, drug abuse, children’s development, gifted children and education, to early childhood education. She has authored books and articles in academic journals, some of which have been included as resource materials by the ERIC Clearing House on Elementary and Early Childhood Education, USA. She is consultant to various governmental, non-governmental and private agencies and serves on the National Children’s Council of Advisors & Consultants and SUHAKAM Malaysia.

4 COX, David, Adjunct Professor, Dr

Prof Cox is a sociologist lecturing at the School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University, Melbourne specializing in the field of migration, refugees and multi-cultural affairs. He has held numerous appointments and has received several awards. He is a consultant at the UN Social Development Division, Vienna & Bangkok. Prof Cox is a Churchill Fellow for Europe & N. America, Senior Fulbright Fellow of Columbia University, New York and a Member of the Order of Australia. He has produced 107 publications and 30 paper presentations.

5 FARIDAH Karim, Professor, Dr

Dr Faridah is Professor with the Faculty of Education, National University of Malaysia. Her area of specialization is in Economic and Social Education and she has done much research, publication and teaching in this field. She obtained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

6 FREDERICO, Margarita

Ms Frederico is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Programmes at the School of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University, Australia. She is coauthor of several publications under the Family Violence and Family Court Research Program of Monash University, including Justice Delayed: Report to the Criminology Research Council Disputes in the Family Court of Australia with T Brown, L Hewitt and R Sheehan.

7 GRAY, Dave

Mr Dave Gray is a Lecturer at the University of Regina specializing in social history and teaching practice and development. Among his publication and paper presentations are those entitled, “Men in Need of a Makeover: The Shaping of Middleclass Masculinity in Early Modern England” and “ When Manliness Unmans Men: The Search for a Mercantile-Imperial Masculinity in Late 17th Century England”. He is also an Associate of the Teaching Development Center in his university, conducting research into improving teaching practice.

8 IBRAHIM Ahmad Bajunid, Professor, Dato’

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid is the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Petaling Jaya. He is President of the Malaysian Education Research Association, President of Malaysian Education Management and Leadership Association, Deputy President of Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management and the Secretary of Malaysian Association of Education. He is also Editor and Editorial Advisor for several local and international educational journals. He contributes significantly in the fields of training, human resource development, knowledge and education, and is a regular columnist in the New Straits Times newspaper.

9 JAMILAH Ariffin, Professor, Dr

Professor Dr. Jamilah Ariffin is a Professor of Sociology of Development with keen interest in the fields of Social Change and Economic Development; Gender Studies; Labour Migration and Family Studies. To date she has 29 years of lecturing and research experience in four local universities in Malaysia. Presently she is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Centre of Socio-Economic Research and Humanistic Development in Institute Sultan Iskandar, a consultancy unit in University of Technology Malaysia specializing in Urban Development and Human Settlements.

Professor Jamilah was a Visiting Research Fellow at the “Center for Cross-cultural Research on Women”, Oxford University in 1989 and has served as a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Expert Group which came out with the publication “Women and Structural Adjustment” in 1990 as well as a consultant to several Expert Groups in United Nations (UN) organization. Since 1994, Prof. Jamilah was chosen to be a member of the Scientific Board, Swiss Academy of Development (SAD) in Switzerland, a research organization comprising of renowned Social Science professors in the world. She was the Chief Consultant for Malaysia’s delegation to the Women’s World Conference in Beijing, China in 1995 and head of Malaysia’s delegation to the Women’s Consultative committee for the APEC meeting in Manila in 1997.

She has produced several academic books and refereed articles in academic international journals. One of her books is “Women and Development in Malaysia”, Pelanduk Publications, 1992. Prof. Jamilah is also the coordinator and editor of several books for example “Poverty Amidst Plenty: Research Findings and the Gender Dimension in Malaysia”, Pelanduk Publications, 1994, “From Kampung to Urban Factories”, University of Malaya Press, 1994 and “Readings on Women and Development in Malaysia”, Population Studies Unit, University of Malaya, 1994.

At present, Prof. Jamilah is the President of the Asia Pacific Forum on Families (APFAM) International and the Founder President of APFAM Malaysia.

10 JAYASOORIA, Dennison, Dr


An internationally recognized expert in investment promotion strategies and on issues relating to research & development and technology transfer on which he has been extensively consulted by governments and agencies throughout Africa and South Asia, Dr Jega is also active in the area of social service and is among others, the Founder and Co-Chairman of the Council for the Action for the Betterment of Community as well as of the Friendship Group for Human Values and a Caring Society, organisations actively involved in service for the needy, inter-faith activities and the upliftment of human values in society. He is also involved internationally with value development in youth and has to date authored many papers and publications on these subjects. In recognition for his contributions, he was awarded the “Dato’ Setia DiRaja Kedah” decoration by HRH The Sultan of Kedah. He was also awarded the civilian award of the “Certificate of the Order of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea” by the North Korean Government for his contribution to the welfare of the North Koreans by his organizing, through the Sri Sathya Central Council of Malaysia, the delivery of 7000 tonnes of food items, clothes, medical supplies and other amenities to starving North Koreans devastated by a series of natural disasters in 1997.

12 JOHN, Mettilda

Executive Director of Dignity & Services, an advocacy movement for individuals and families with learning disabilities, Ms John has 24 years experience working with the National Health Service in the UK as part of a multidisciplinary mental health team. On her return to Malaysia, she taught Sociology for 2 years before joining Dignity & Services. She is currently involved in the consultation process for the drafting of the Persons with Disabilities Act, Malaysia. Ms John holds a MSc in Applied Psychology.

13 KHAN, Mohammed Hassan

Mr Mohammed Hassan Khan is presently the Executive Director of Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS). In his long and active involvement in community development and social action, he has initiated and founded programmes on NGO development, family strengthening, resource development and poverty eradication. He is also a social activist passionately committed to poverty alleviation, peace and multiculturalism. He has actively participated in numerous local and international seminars and conferences, presenting papers on social development in Fiji, been involved in voluntary agency management and worked with the people at grassroots level. Mr Khan is a former Executive member of International Council on Social Welfare, International Agency for Volunteer Effort, is a past President of Asia Pacific Forum on Families (APFAM) and locally is the Deputy Chair of National Substance Abuse Advisory Council. He also represents Civil Society Organisations in several government committees.


A Master of Comparative Laws from the International Islamic University Malaysia and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Strathclyde, UK, Dr. Khairul‘Azmi bin Mohamad is currently serving as Chief of Information and Research with the Sate Government of Johor, Malaysia at the office of the Chief Minister of Johor.

15 KHATIJAH Sulieman

Pn Khatijah is a dedicated volunteer of 25 years experience providing the grassroots support for the disabled for which she was awarded the PJK and KSD, and PPT, Selangor. Pn Khatijah presently serves as Hon Secretary General of the Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation and National Community Base Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee, as Hon Secretary of the National Council of Cheshire Homes, Malaysia & Selangor Council of Welfare & Social Development and as Hon Treasurer General of the National Council of Welfare & Social Development, Malaysia. She has served as Chairman for among others, the Seminar on Employment for Persons with Disabilities and facilitated the National Seminar on Enhancing Resources for the Disabled. She brings to this conference a wealth of experience gleaned from working at grassroots level for almost a quarter of a century.

16 KHOO Kim Choo, Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr

Dr Khoo is a Sociologist cum Educator with children as her area of interest. She teaches, child welfare policy and practice, introduction to social work, human growth and development and personal development in the social work practice, she is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of the Social Work & Psychology Department at the University of Singapore. She has served as Consultant to UNICEF, Save the Children, UNESCO (Early Childhood Unit), World Bank, ASEAN, Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training & Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). Dr Khoo is a member of the Resource Panel of the Ministry of Education (MOE) & Ministry of Community Development & Sports (MCDS). She also serves on the Steering Committee for Pre School Education and Qualification Accreditation Committee, Singapore and the Peer review committee for Policy Digest of UNESCO. Dr Khoo is also the Executive Director of the NTUC child care co-op in Singapore – the largest provider of childcare for working mothers and its Regional Training and Resource Center in Early Childhood Care and Education for Asia (RTRC Asia).

17 KIRALY, Meredith

Ms Kiraly is a registered psychologist with the Victorian Psychological Council, active in the field of child welfare and adolescence welfare. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Victorian Association of Family Therapists. She is a recipient of the Creswick Foundation Traveling Fellowship and a recognized authority in her field, having been invited to present papers at numerous conferences and seminars. She also has a prolific portfolio of publications on the subject of children and adolescents.

18 KRISHNAN, Bathmavathi

A librarian by qualification and profession, Ms Bathmavathi is a well-known and respected activist and advocate for the rights of the disabled. Disabled herself, she has co-published and presented various papers including, “Disabled People in a Newly Industrialising Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in Malaysia”. She also serves as Secretary of the Malaysian Spinal Injuries Association, Malaysia, is the former Secretary to the Malaysian Confederation of the Disabled (MCD) and the Founder of Wheelchair Tennis Malaysia.

19 LAIGO, Lina Bellosillo

After 26 years in government service in the Philippines including at the Department of Social Welfare & Development, Ms Laigo joined the President Manuel A Roxas Foundation as Executive Director. As Consultant to the Philippine Women’s University, she established the Family Life Institute of the Philippines of which she is currently President. She was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to head the Council for the Welfare of Children as Executive Director, having been instrumental in the development of CHILD 21, a national 25-year roadmap in programmes for Filipino children. Ms Laigo is also currently President of the President Manual Roxas Foundation, Advisor to the Alay Lakad Foundation Inc which works with out-of-school youths and Chairperson of Buas Damlag Sang Panimalay Inc, which is involved in improving parenting and husband-wife relationships and drug prevention activities among youth. For her services, she received the Golden Heart Presidential Award in 1998.

20 LEE Wee Min

A Civil Engineer by profession, Mr Lee has since 1998 served as full-time Executive Director & Chairman of Focus on the Family, Malaysia where he is now actively creating awareness among Malaysian families on the importance of the preservation of the home and strong family relationships, providing resources in terms of books, videos, audio cassettes, booklets and magazines on building strong family relationships, conducting seminars, training and conferences that deals with issues pertaining to the home, providing an avenue where people can relate their joy as well as problems in the home environment and offering whatever assistance possible, encouraging people at the workplace to have a sound and stable home environment which will enable them to be more career productive and conducting surveys and research on family issues which will enable Focus on the Family to have programmes that address issues.

21 McCLELLAND, Alison

Alison McClelland is Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University and previously was a Director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, responsible for Social Action and Research. Her main work has been directed to examining the impact of social and economic policies on the distribution of material wellbeing in Australia. This has included work on taxation, income security, unemployment, health and economic reform.

She has been the Deputy President of the Australian Council of Social Service and also its Principal Policy Coordinator on economic and tax issues, and a member of a number of government and non-governmental advisory committees, including the Board of Taxation, the Social Security Review Advisory Council, the National Board of Employment, Education and Training, the Advisory Committee on the Economic Planning Advisory Council and the Evatt Commission on Government Revenue. Alison is currently on advisory committees for the National Institute for Governance (where she is an Adjunct Professor) and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. She is also a Trustee of the Ronald Henderson Research Foundation and on the National Social Policy Committee of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Previous paid positions include Policy Analyst, National Health Strategy, and Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Director-General, Victorian Department of Treasury.

22 MORTLOCK, Robyn

Ms Robyn Mortlock currently lectures at the regional campus of the School of Social Work and Social Policy Albury-Wodonga, La Trobe University in areas such as community development and domestic violence. Her current areas of research and interest are in child care and community capacity building in small towns. Her 25 years of experience in child care include active involvement in developing and implementing child care services for families and their communities such as Farm and Rural Mobile Services for Children and the collaborative community-based development of the Farm-based (Child Care) Pilot Project for the Commonwealth of Australia. Ms Mortlock is a member of the Victorian Child Care Liaison Group with the Department of Family and Community Services and has worked in community consultations during the last decade in issues such as women’s health and community well-being.

23 MUSTAFFA Ma, Dato’

Dato’Haji Mustaffa Ma brings to this conference a wealth of experience acquired through over 40 years of voluntary service mainly in the area of drug and substance abuse and in the field of family and women affairs. He has actively served and continues to serve in numerous voluntary organizations. He is currently an office bearer in numerous organizations including the International Federation of NGOs for the Prevention of Drug & Substance Abuse (IFNGO), the National Association for the Prevention of Drug Abuse (PEMADAM) Malaysia and the World Family Organization. For his exemplary service, Dato Hj Mustaffa has received numerous awards including the AMN and PPN decorations from HM the King of Malaysia, the PPMP decoration from HRH the Sultan of Perak, the Fulbright Fellowship from the USA, the UNESCO Fellowship from France, the St Triton Maryr’s Awards by HH Patriach of Moscow and AII Russian Alexy the II for outstanding voluntary services in drug and substance abuse prevention and the International Award Honor by the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association (INEOA).

24 NGIAM Tee Liang, Associate Professor

Dr Ngiam holds a Doctorate in Social Welfare from Berkeley and has widely researched and written on various social, policy and planning issues, including the family, ageing, youth and disability concerns.He is currently a Nominated Member of Parliament and Programme Chair for Social Work at the Department of Social Work and Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore and has been extensively involved for many years in various capacities several policy and programme councils and committees, both governmental and non-governmental, in Singapore including the Ministry of Community Development and Sports, the National Council of Social Service, South West Community Development Council and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is a past President of the Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education (APASWE), and a former Vice-President and Member of the Board of Directors of the Asian Academic Association of Social Services (AAASS), headquartered in Japan. Dr. Ngiam has published extensively and presented numerous papers at conferences and seminars including those entitled “An Underclass among the Overclass.” (in Singapore:Towards a Developed Status, pp. 226 – 249 Oxford University Press for Centre for Advanced Studies, 1999), “Shared Values in a Changing Society” (in Seminar on Family Values: Post Seminar Report, pp. Singapore: NTUC Community Services Secretariat, NTUC Women’s Programme Secretariat and Singapore Institute of Labour Studies, 1995) and “Community Support and Natural Helping Networks for the Elderly in a Public Housing Estate in Singapore” (in Ageing in Japan and Singapore, pp. 140-174. Edited by C Bentelspacher and K Minai. Singapore: Department of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore, 1994).

25 OWEN, Lloyd

Mr Owen has had 24 years experience in the administration of institutions and programs for young offenders and children on protective orders and management at chief executive level of two Victorian Regions. Over the past 12 years he has held contract senior academic positions in Social Work at La Trobe University and has undertaken a wide variety of projects at local, regional, national and international levels both through the university and as an independent consultant. He has held a number of honorary board and reference group positions in non-government agencies. He currently has a part time teaching contract at senior lecturer level which includes a subject on youth welfare and juvenile justice and has previously taught in the area of program design and evaluation. He is also Editor of the National child, youth and family welfare quarterly journal “Children Australia.”

26 PANGAN, Angela Maria

Ms Pangan has a wealth of experience as a social worker and sociologist, having served at the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippines for 21 years and as Associate Professor of the Institute of Social Work & Community Development at the University of Philippines. She is currently President for life and CEO of NORFIL Foundation Inc Philippines. In 1997, Ms Pangan received a special award for Outstanding Professional Social Worker from the Professional Regulation Commission of Philippines. She is and has been member and office holder of an impressive list of professional and civic organizations.

27 PICTON, Cliff

Mr Cliff Picton is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Policy as well as Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty of Health Sciences in La Trobe University. Cliff has worked with and for older people in Britain, Australia and countries in Asia for more than 25 years. Prior to taking up his present position, he was Chief Executive of the Australian Council on the Ageing and Secretary General of the International Federation On Ageing. He has also been an active researcher in the fields of inter-country adoption, intellectual disability, migrant women workers and palliative care. In addition to publishing a number of books and articles, Cliff was the founder and first editor of two journals – the Australian Journal of Child and Family Welfare and the Australian Journal on Ageing. He is currently Co-Editor of the Journal of Family Studies.

28 RAJA, Gill

Ms Gill Raja is a lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak specialising in social work, having qualified in that field from LSE in the seventies and practiced ever since. A native of the UK she has worked in Malaysia for the past 17 years, including as director of a development agency and a counselor with an NGO. In her current post she has developed a course on Family and Child Welfare and helped design a Positive Parenting Program for the Women's Council in Sarawak.

29 RAHIMAH Abdul Aziz, Professor, Dr

Professor Dr. Rahimah Abdul Aziz is Professor of Sociology of Development at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia where she is currently Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in charge of the undergraduate programme. Her areas of research include the Role and Development of the Malaysian Middle Class, Workers' Welfare in the Asia-Pacific Region, Child Abuse and Neglect, Socio-economic Wellbeing of Squatters and other Lower Income Groups and Role of Local Leaders (Penghulu) in Development, the development of the Malaysian Middle Class and the current status of workers’ welfare in the Asia-Pacific Region. She is also involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies. She is author of “The Westernization of Johor Statecraft (1800-1945)-An Historical Sociology Analysis and Sociology of Development: An introduction”.

30 SEBESTIAN, Sandiyao

A lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Mr Sebestian is an experienced educator specializing in the education of the intellectually disabled and a recognized pioneer in the development of educational programmes and services for children with learning disabilities. He is a Consultant & Advisor to NGO’s in the development, organization and sustainability of special education and social services. He serves as the Hon Executive Director, Malaysian Child Resource Institute (MCRI) and is a visiting scholar and researcher at the Japan College of Social Work, Tokyo. He has contributed more than 100 papers at various conferences locally and internationally.

31 SUNUSI, Makmur, Dr

A Ph.D in International Social Work and Master of Behavioural Sciences, Dr Sunusi is currently lecturing at the University of Indonesia in its Department of Social Welfare (Master Program), teaching Development Strategies for Developing Countries. He has served amongst others, as National Consultant with the Urban Poor Project (a collaboration between UNDP & the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs), as Assistant Deputy in the office of State Ministry of Societal Affairs of Indonesia, as Project Manager of the Hill Tribes Resettlement Project in South Sulawesi, formulating intervention plans for Hill tribes resettlement and as Project Coordinator with the Foster Parents Plan International Incorporation in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, coordinating the implementation of Community Development Programme aimed at poverty alleviation involving grassroots participation at village level. Dr. Sunusi is a familiar figure at conferences and seminars concerning his fields of interest.

32 TAN, Honey Lay Ean

A practicing lawyer, Ms Tan is a well-known social activist and advocate for change in the field of women, gender issues and family. She is an active volunteer at the Women’s Center for Change (WCC) Penang, giving free legal advice and representation in court to victims of among others, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment and abuse. She is WCC’s representative to the National Steering Committee on Violence Against Women under the Ministry of Women and Family Development, Malaysia and the NCWO, Penang. She is also an appointed member of the Family Law Committee, the Gender Committee and the Law Reform Committee of the Bar Council, Malaysia. Ms Tan has been active in her field giving talks and presenting papers on laws affecting women and the need for change.

33 TEOH Hsien-Jin, Dr

Dr Teoh is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist having as his main clinical academic and research interests, the subject of children, families and stress. His medical work experience encompasses hospitals and service organizations in the UK, Malaysia and Australia. He is Vice President of the Malaysian Mental Health Association and serves as Clinical Supervisor & Lecturer at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Visiting Lecturer to CRENT, University of NSW, Australia.

34 THAMBIAH, Shanthi, Dr

Dr Shanthi is a sociologist specializing in Gender Studies. She is currently Coordinator of the Gender Studies Programm at the Faulty of Arts & Social Sciences, University Malaya. She has published widely on this subject in Malaysia and abroad.


Mr Stan Thekaekara is a Social Worker & Independent Consultant and a Trustee & Consultant to Oxfam, Great Britain on Poverty in the UK and International Coordinator for JUST CHANGE and AMS. He co-founded ACCORD, a grassroots NGO working with tribal communities in the Nilgiri Hills of South India to which he now serves as Advisor. He is an independent consultant to National and International developing organizations including Actionaid UK for whom he conducted training programmes on Community organization and leadership in Kenya and Ethiopia and was part of a team reviewing Actionaid Nepal. He has received awards for his work in the filed including the International Humanitarian Award from CHOICE, USA and the National Youth Award from Prime Minister of India.

36 WONG, Steven C M

Mr Steven CM Wong is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia and Acting Director of its East Asia Economic Centre. He is also a well known as the weekly columnist of ‘Chisel and Stone’ in the New Straits Times, writing on among others, the subject of social cohesion. He has held numerous positions including those of Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (INSAP), Director of Ultimate Research Services, Singapore, Executive Director of Jupiter Options & Financial Futures, Group Strategist for UMBC Securities, Assistant Director-General of ISIS Malaysia and Executive Director of the Centre for Japan Studies. Mr Wong was also member of the Commission for US-Japan Relations in the 21st Century and represented Malaysia in OECD-Dynamic Asian Economies dialogue meetings. He has been Secretary-General of the Malaysian National Committee for Pacific Economic Co-operation, Kuala Lumpur and Deputy Secretary General of the Malaysian Committee for Pacific Basic Economic Co-operation. His list of publications includes “The Case for a Malaysian Civil Service Diversity Policy”, (INSAP, 2002), “The Case for More Mixed Constituencies” with Ong Kian Ming (INSAP, 2002) and “Can the Pacific Save US-Japan Relations?” (Commission on US-Japan Relations for the 21st Century, 1991).

37 YUNUS Soualhi, Dr

An Algerian by nationality and an Assistant Professor specializing in the field of Islamic Law and its Principles, Yunus Soualhi is currently Acting Head of the Department of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, IIUM. He has published many articles and presented at international conferences an impressive list of papers including those entitled “ Islamic Legal Thought and Global Social Justice” (Center of Values and Philosophy, Washington D.C.), “ Islamic Legal Reform, Modernity, and the Clash of Paradigms” (Proceeding of the International Conference on Border Crossings, Texas Tech University, U.S.A, February 21-22, 2003), “Enhancing Volunteerism and Community involvement in Islamic Activities” (a paper presented at the Conference on Methodologies of Da‘wah in South East Asia organized by World Assembly of Muslim Youths (WAMY) and Islamic Outrich ABIM, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, April 2003), “Freedom of Expression Vs. Expression of Freedom in Modern Islamic Thought”. (International Conference on Religion and Democracy in Lithuania, April 10-13, 2003) and “Islam: Image and Reality” (Millennia Muslim Magazine, Kuala Lumpur, May, 2003).

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